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Mallorca acne

Mallorca acne is a form of acne that can occur due to sun exposure and the use of sunscreens. It is characterized by papulopustular lesions, especially on the chest and back, but can also occur on the face. The use of sunscreens containing oily ingredients that can clog pores is a significant factor in the development of Mallorca acne. This type of acne is often seen in individuals with sensitive skin.

To prevent Mallorca acne, it is advisable to use special sunscreens formulated for sensitive skin and apply them regularly. It is recommended to choose oil-free products to avoid pore clogging. Our sunscreen has been specifically developed to meet the needs of individuals suffering from Mallorca acne.

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The preventive use of sunscreen is also crucial for other reasons. UV rays are known to be harmful and can cause skin aging, pigmentation spots, and even skin cancer. Therefore, effective sun protection not only shields against the development of Mallorca acne but also protects against other negative effects of sun exposure on the skin.

Overall, it is important to take sun exposure and skin protection from UV rays seriously in order to prevent Mallorca acne and other skin damage. GLTZN has been specifically developed for sensitive skin prone to sun allergy or Mallorca acne.