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GLTZN, derived from the German "Glatze" (meaning "Bald Head"), represents a brand under Phametra GmbH, enriching our range of dermatological cosmetics. Discover more about Phametra GmbH and our philosophy here.

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Phametra GmbH was founded by dermatologist Dr. Ulrich Matthes and his brother, the pharmacist Wolfhard Matthes, in 1990 in Herne, Germany. Since then, our aim has been to develop dermatological products with a view to the needs of patients.

Dr. Ulrich Matthes has incorporated his experience and knowledge, which he gained through his many years of work as a dermatologist and senior physician at St. Josef Hospital in Bochum (Germany), into the development of the products from the very beginning. According to his philosophy, ingredients that have no medical benefit have always been avoided. This is the reason why Phametra's products are, among other things, completely free of fragrances or dyes. We also try to avoid preservatives, hormones and microplastics whenever possible.

Our employees develop new products hand in hand with scientists and doctors, and this is how Dr. Ulrich Matthes' philosophy is continued today. The product portfolio consists of dermatological cosmetic products such as urea ointments, washing lotions and hand creams. In the recent past, we have opened up to the field of dermatological gynecology and, together with our network of dermatologists and clinics, have expanded our product range to include intimate care products.

Ein schwarz weißer Spender mit GLTZN med Sonnencreme liegt am Strand auf einem Palmenplatt und wird vom Meer umspült


In 2022, we set ourselves the task of developing a medically high-quality sun protection that meets the current requirements and results from research.

After discussions with dermatologists at the Ruhr University Bochum, in which the dangers of excessive exposure of the scalp to UV rays were discussed, the idea for GLTZN was born. A high-quality UV protection that protects the sensitive scalp from UV rays.